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Related article: Date: Monday, January 15, 2001 23 50th 01 -0000 From: Cliff Traynor u003ccliff6 hotmail. com u003e Subject: friend / brother -in-law This story is about two married men enjoy oral sex. I hope you like and would like to hear your comments. Email me a cliff6 hotmail. com ____________________________________________________________________ n Another Thanksgiving with my family! I still had parents, a sister, and is a brother. My wife was an only child. Unfortunately, my brother 10 years younger than me - and lived on the east coast. Rarely saw to each other - no no - he was like a distant on. My sister on the other side was a year older than me. We s were and are very close, and grew under the same system of friends. Our best friends in high school and higher also brother and sister. We camped together, swam together, played ball together. Now I'm not that all four were four of us, when we have our activities. r example, usually go camping with all the other families, to at least once during each summer. Steve and I bike everywhere, go to swimming or fishing, and the girls do their thing. But all get along. Steve and I went through puberty together, and I remember at the age of 16, had a maximum of 6 feet 3 inches emerged at the same time I stopped at 5'10 ". It was the year , which the development of different interests, and Preteen Nn Model became very difficult to in all sports that could in itself, since they have more to do with my music. I was a normal game, but Steve was absolutely amazing. I would go to observe some of the games in which s, basketball, volleyball and soccer, but , where we have used to do things together, first, I found is only one of the band and one of his many fans. We could even chat the school holidays from time to time, but if he was conducting, all I wanted. when I was 17, was alone with his father when he died suddenly of a heart attack. Got a call from panic, just before going to school had just told me to call an ambulance, and I could go to your House. My sister and I spent this week to help his family, but we can. Steve was so excited when he tried to revive his father, but could not handle. Whenever we were alone, just cried and cried. He and his dad were so close and that his father was a furry, fun Irish. there is always a story fun, a twinkle in his eyes - and a strong advocate for their children. with the funeral, when his teammates showed in the funeral home, , which was strong and was a bit out of the picture. He was not, or all, but I have understood that there are two levels of friendship what is happening here. I do not think I was jealous or something, I was glad that s there to help. After the funeral, left our kind friends. Both were at various universities, to become a PE teacher, and went study of music, too. Our paths rArely crossed, except perhaps for a Christmas vacation Preteen Nn Model , when we are together. We were always giving her a hug and Perform 30 seconds a day, but basically we had entered another life. More than 8 years later I came across this wonderful, liberal, a little eccentric woman he married. My sister came with her very well, , and we always had a pleasant time at dinners and other social events. This Thanksgiving Special, who had been married for four years, when Karen s announced that they would bring someone new to dinner. My sister always seemed n to a new male friend to every year. There were always many breaks treatment, so that never bothered by interest in her new lover. Now, this year, when the doorbell rang and I opened the door, not Karen, give me a hug, I was with her ​​boyfriend back in front of me. When turned around, my mouth almost dropped. It was Steve! We had a hug very strong and complete the introduction, we went intor life room. and I ended up just barking about an hour, getting trapped in the life of our s like my sister, and ended up together. You see, my sister Steve and his sister, we still see each other. Playing in the same women s baseball team, and after the games began to see Steve happens, n two them in the chat, and ended up asking to see a movie. four months later were madly in love with her, and were in a serious relationship. lived a few hours of the city 's teacher of music in high school, and Steve had a city that grew up assuming a teaching position in the returned High School, who have grown in at dinner he gave his commitment and we were all excited n very happy for her ! and thus began a new phase of friendship develops. Our house was full of of family and friends for the dinner party, so he asked Karen and Steve n to spend the night, so they could get acquainted. We promised to provide for them with everything they need, sonot feel uncomfortable, and took n immediately. Once you have clean dishes, we sat down for a drink and began to pass in review. Although Cindy enjoyed the walk down memory lane, she s feeling a little out of it and wanted to go to bed. Thought it would be a good time n them a change of clothes and stuff, and The two of them occurred in comfortable sweats. Karen thought it would be good if Steve and I took some time to catch up, while Karen and Cindy chatted both go to bed. Steve and I moved to the basement family room. Our paths had different shifts. He was an athlete bigger, stronger, , with a strong plastic face. But their eyes were always warm and had to brightness - like his father. He looked good in clothes, and I noticed when down the stairs, he had removed his underwear, his good was a big penis to wobble under the material. Instead of sitting in the chair, was based on the couch next to me and droppedits huge nude feet on the table. ? "Can you believe this," asked "It's fucking amazing that at the end of lap itself n lives.... and that goes to my brother - in law are " I said. I came to on the shoulder. " The truth is I can not think of anyone I would be more than a brother -in-law, because" he replied,. You know, Karen and I thought it was quiet, we do not know if n is a past love, which to re-ignite, the adventure, when she was, or what. But the more we started, the more we realize we really loved others. Of course, we talked a lot about you too! It's great as and Karen have remained so close. " " Yes, it was fun the way it was just a little separateways not it? "I asked. " Well, I can talk about these things now, but I could not return. Back then walked and stuff but a lot together, they do not have a many others in our circle. Hell, even a straw together a times..... well, not really is, our tails were still in our pants.... But you know, we were close. Anyway, one night, when the four of us have camped, sister and I makeout session on the dunes in the n on the beach, and. so... say, I lost my virginity that night. I hot just Preteen Nn Model did not want to date her or anything, I wanted to fuck. I was not sure how I would Preteen Nn Model react, so they just started other things, and not walk much. " " Ah, this is so, it meant everything. That fucked my sister then took I was, and now you're fucking my sister again, and we're sitting here talking shit! " We had a good laugh... then I had to ask... " So, uh...... which is a kind of shame to ask, but how the sex..... the sister of my s ? He hit me. "They turn is very good..... I will not give all the details , but things are going well.... except that they do not like sucking (he said quietly in an n ), but everything else is great! " " interesting ", he said: " No Cindyeither. I mean, to be a sip for a few seconds to make it difficult to get, but I do not suck " With these words, took his sweats found this big beautiful cock -. No difficult or. " Now is not that look like a good meal? "(And its tail was that significantly. Was a big strong cock, resting comfortably Preteen Nn Model in a few for large balls. Very nice !) N " Shit Steve, I almost took a sausage like that of the European deli the past week. But uh.. not all the hair around and definitely not duck eggs n to match " We laugh, sweat and snapped again. " So how did you end up in section tail, "he asked. " What ?.... Damn, it feels like I'm 15 again. Take a look. " I stood up undid his belt, dropped my pants and showed him my penis. " It seems the two have grown up enough to be 15th Actually, let's take a good looking. You and I were so fit and active agreement.... I see all the... I mean.... We are getting used to compare the muscles and hairLength and all. "We were pretty weak so far, and was something that n used to do when he grew up. Interesting how things just pick up again 15 years later! N drained his glass, got up and off his shirt, and then leaned over remove his pants, standing naked and very attractive. I have the it, and stood before him. -.. advantage felt inclined, I felt that I could feel her calves and thighs, as it has me was obviously in better shape than me, as it really kept active in sports, but I had held in good shape as well. I played some ice hockey community in the winter and baseball in the spring and summer s n. ' was quite soft body everywhere except for a thin layer of hair on the legs of his s and a thick, dark bush pubic hair around his tail and his coat, suitable the dark color of her hair of the head. My body was a bit of skin covered. \\ \\ n I have to take a drink, and sat back down, naked, , and we continue our discussion. I looked about it. "So how big is that thing anyway. " "Why do not you go to touch and see," a comedy porno - such as voice. "Fuck off" I joked. "Just interested in knowing some guys, when n cock is as big as his soft -. It is difficult - it is much larger ". Uh oh.... Do you remember when we were over 14 years and had five children of Tim House. We brought the tape measure to see who was the greatest? " Yes, I do not really have started to grow much, but it was Tim bigger, and then my.... I can not remember the rest... except... do not say it to it... but later that night, like the rest of those who were sleeping, I had to get up for a VTOL aircraft. When I returned to bed, grabbed my hand and Tim n asked me if I care what the game pulls his penis for a while. When I said no, he kept fixed, and said if I had, gave me $ 10. I told him not to laughed feel like it, and went to bed. Steve, "I guess the $ 10 the night? " " andou have ? "I laughed in amazement. " Yes, I've been using a lot of things first Hangin 'you. I knew I type s fun, however, and he offered to pay $ 10 more if swallowed semen, , but it would not. I do not even think he did, he just needed someone to pay attention to your erection! It was kind of interesting to know, but soon n. I like to do something never done before, and was a little weird. Shake finished anyway " n As for Steve Hahn said. " Well, I would say that inflation The tail would be worth $ 200 dollars now. " Why are you interested? " " No man, it is likely to be ' rare treat," he said, the commentary on the n over Tim. I grabbed his head and held it over his cock. "What the man said, " I defended myself against his hand... " Oh, so you want a snack before bedtime can do?" And he put his head up and down mocking, as if he aspires. Then let go. I grabbed his cock as was a small person and apologized. " It is not really taste pity that I'm sure.... Sorry. "" Kiss me and make me feel better, said the voice of that character, "" I kiss you ? But..... ? The character's voice began to mourn. Oh ok.... and I leaned forward and kissed his penis. We both laughed and I got up to pull everything. Steve stayed put. " I can not believe how comfortable I am with you the feeling after all these years. I mean, here I am sitting in the buff with my best friend... never do with anyone. "I feel privileged I am. Can you guess what you would like Steve, it's great that over again in my life. " I have nothing against it really was naked. The family, which was stimulating, was exhilarating and made me feel a bit like a kid again. We have always used to hang in the tent in the house or sleepovers naked, and I never thought I all. turned on the TV, and happened to Peter sellers " the game was.... a favorite of the two. when theh is sitting sideways with legs together. We used to sit as the s all the time, when we were kids - never to think nothing of it. I had my jeans, and he was naked. Okay. When I get up for a beer or a n if it did, if you end up back on the sofa, legs as the position of that intertwine with each other easily. Preteen Nn Model But this time I sat down, I n slowly moved his foot so that it rested in my step. felt good, and I recognized the hand resting on the foot. I put a bit of me and put my foot punch bag. He recognized me in the same way.... But we have to each other. As we continue, my feet started to play with it a bit distracted. Surrounding his cock, lifted the bag... It was, like me, it was for me. but it was not even see what I did. Preteen Nn Model When I looked at him, He stared at my feet, looking at me with his huge erection directly to and set my foot. " Now you have the kNow, how big it is ! "I said with a devilish smile. " No joke.. You have a good piece of meat of friends. Why Karen do not want to suck you never know. - There was a pause before saying - with eyes on the TV "...... that "" Do I have that "half of what we know. "Want to suck for a while? " " Um, that 's an interesting question. I'm not sure why we ended talking about sex and play with the other glues of here. We have that \\ \\ n some fancy vivid that we must act here. something he never High School " " Well, maybe you and I can do a small sip from time to time, if we really want \\ \\ n a hit... because our women are not as interested, "said issue of fact. " shit man, you make me hard as a rock. " How did we get into a conversation about this? Shit, I remember in high school wondering how it would be like sucking cock s, but I never have. " You never did? Never seen another man to suck your dick?" No.. I jumped in front with some mates, but I've never drawn one. Why, how many have you done? " Only a... not counting Tim My college roommate -. Great soccer player - always hot. Daily Shot... and if you do not agree with some of the guests girl, who came home hot and excited and shook. Once, when stoned, he asked me to give him a quick blowjob - said he did not say, a someone, and I do not swallow it. He was a little sexy, and ended sucked from him - and swallow his semen at all. ! Next thing I remember is s, asks me to stand up, and tears of my sweats and sucked me said: "We will reserve this for us, and only in emergency situations our own. 3 years together, we have maybe six times, but always was quick n easy. To be honest, I always enjoy oral sex more than a ormal and damn.... odd, I mean, I'm always down to Karen..... n "Okay Okay.... No I do not know much about you to her! "Icried holding my hands. " So you think you wanted to try," he asked ? " Shit Steve, my wife is up, her" boyfriend is up, and talked about me sucking cock. " lifted its tail and waved it at me. " He wants " the \\ character \\ s voice, male voice said. " to say something. I'll keep my clothes. That puts on his sweater at least the pants in the neighborhood. If we hear something, we can jump innocent looks. y..... You owe me one blow. I'm not one of you this afternoon... But if n goes well... you need me sometime this weekend. up and went into his jersey and hooked one leg to the foot. then sat down and spread her legs. "I want to talk through it, if ". I crawled, hanging over his penis. What a sight. I bent down and put my mouth on it. I wrapped my hand around it n smelled up and down and down to his balls. I saw the smiling face of his s... He looked happy.... notbe? I fell head -long cock into my mouth. It was good to imprecise; juicy, with a bit of precum at the tip. Then I swallowed and surprised its length and girth. I thought I would be able to suck up everything. When I pulled up and gagged him, he laughed. Just take your time, man. Enjoy as an expensive dish. " I can not believe today. First I see again after all the years, and here I am with their tails between their legs in my mouth! " \\ \\ n He put his hands behind his head astride, then the legs, and began experimenting. ' Wow, the taste is actually pretty good " I said. I went back down n to his penis and I at the base, and licks it up and down. For some reason, it was the song "Lollipop " in my head while I had the line in my mouth and started to hum. After a few seconds, he jokes, , and both began to laugh. " Hey man, you just wrap around the mouth, and I will move on. " This machine has a sound effects, clamp my lips around the base of the head. Slowly, she began to pick up my face and took me on the mouth of my 's as possible. He lifted his ass off the couch and saw his tail disappeared down my throat. Shit was rapidly declining, and then rock the pelvis back and forth along its length and slid again n in I vomit in my mouth a minute, " that's not all, Do you know how bad. tastes good, is what you and I feel good, and he is approaching that most of the other guys ! maybe it's a guy thing. know enough Dick and.... and that's a dick you need to know ! " " Look, I 'm about to lose it. you have to decide whether to swallow, or should in the face or " shoot. His face was really now red and his voice had changed. I was very familiar with the look. " do not know. I 'm going to decide at Preteen Nn Model this time. Allow us there. " turned on him, sucking and breathing in the smell of man. " If you breatheon hard, and open your throat, you can get past, and not gag - try it. " as a musician, it was hard to do, and his push to come, I breathed deeply from the diaphragm, and suddenly found my lips touched her bush. I held for a few seconds proud of my performance, while he was a couple of quick blows, and then let go. gave me a pat on the head smile. But I felt he really wanted out, so I started a \\ \\ n pallets in line and watched their eggs and shame, not at all that the situation was in I reached down and began to massage her huge bag, and flew to him the couch. his cock hit my throat and yelled closed teeth - "I'm going to end.... What do you want ? " I decided to keep quiet and let it happen. I had to prove his semen. S that is pumping faster, I was massaging his balls, and suddenly, in my language I proven sperm. I swallowed it and continued with his tail. I came out, and as alittle in my mouth, shoot - I wanted to see what comes of it, and then threw me back there and had to shoot until it was over. I do not detect the taste of his cum until he was ready, and suddenly my tongue and throat were covered with their stuff. took out his cock and started smacking his lips and tongue, as if n tasting a vintage wine. "Interesting.... but I think I need a glass of water to wash," he said. " I will get it for you," he said. He left his sweat, have a glass the water of the bar, and took it back to me. I was still kneeling, , and he was beside me, holding the glass. I took the glass and of sperm washing in the throat. with its large flaccid penis in the mouth, could not believe what had happened. I leaned forward and held his penis and said, ". I think that I'll see much more from you in the future," he was not brushing flabby huge on my face. I stuck to this segment and only took him In. My friend was back - in all its splendor n I was at.... "Not bad, not bad "..... We sat down and saw what n to the left of the movie, everyone laughs occasionally bursting into the type what had happened. "Steve, I have to go to bed. This opens a huge door to realize that your relationship. We can be a very family interesting! " I gave him a hug and good nights. He slipped into his sweat, and the n , the lights came on, we went into our respective rooms. The next morning we had a great breakfast and went for a walk in a long time nearby wooded area. I made a joke about everything tastes salty n and do not know why, feet constantly Steve calls me when I was a insdie joke. Except for Cindy, it was like everyone had woken which in the past, except all grown up, to make money, and very happy with our lives. Due to an impending snowstorm, Steve and Karen decided to leave early. all hs reunion with Steve ugged whisper in my ear, "next time ". The wedding was set for 3 months with her and would be small and cozy. Steve asked me, his best man and decided immediately. his sister n Karen bridesmaid was Cindy and she played violin in the service of the wedding. Steve s told me not really a bachelor I was not really in it, but we would like a nice rehearsal dinner, I can fix. In fact some have rented rooms in a ski resort, where we pass a ski a few days before the wedding, and then walk the rest of us that, while she stayed a week. The resort has been excellent in a good location and food, so we knew we were going to be treated in a n. With workloads and distances, we only saw a couple of times n before the wedding. Cindy and I went home for Christmas, then n filled the house with family and friends, Steve and I did not spend too much toge timethere. We took the dog for a walk early in the morning, , and that was it. However, we have a plan that could come to work. We have suggested that because Karen was always a couple of wedding showers, perhaps some of the male guests invited to the wedding could go a day or two could come home n all the others put together for the wedding rehearsal. After some hesitation and much discussion, we have the arrangements. It's over Steve might seem the only two families, so that was n only the four of us. After a few months through email and telephone design, everything was ready. E n a train to meet with Steve, and drove the three of us to resort to for a few days of skiing. We had rented a room to save money, but were enormous, n with two king-size beds, a living room and a stone fireplace. We packed up and left we needed for the next few days. if women , were changing rooms, so do not add much. the four freedoms were sittingd talk and joke for a while and enjoy the fire n and the incredible view from our room. then took the tracks, which took much of the day, but s the Preteen Nn Model weather amazing, and we could not have asked for anything better... up.... Steve Cousins ​​saw a pull to one side and talk to him about something private. Steve came to me with a huge smile on the face of his s. It seems that his cousins ​​had seen a couple of girls on the slopes, and wonder how he felt when some time with them, that the night... they did not know where things were heading, but... in case that n can not be back in the hotel room. Steve said he did not care that night, but hoped that we can all be together the next night. all n agreed. The four of us had, besides the two new women in the scene together dinner. that s been good, but the conversation was male and stuff as a joke - no real talk. After dinner, they decided to go to the bar to dance, and Steveand returned to the room. The moment we walked in the door, I said, "You owe me one. " " What," he replied, "You owe me a blowjob time to pay. ?" I joked. " Damn man, you just ate. I do not want something like that. Perhaps on. " "Okay, but you'll pay at some Preteen Nn Model point this weekend, Steve. " " Well, well... whatever. " We got in bed and turned on the TV just some sitcom. is When it was over, he rose to the use of tin, and came with his bridge boxers and socks. He said nothing, and said nothing. We only watch TV Suddenly the door opened, and was one of his cousins ​​, one comes to the same of the things he left behind.... Toothbrushes, razors and condoms! Bob sat in the bed next to Steve to open his trunk and remove the things I needed. Steve wished him luck, and Bob promised to return for lunch tomorrow. Steve got up and closed the door twice. Then he came and lay down next to me. " Listen, we never talkabout what happened a few months. It was a night , and I think it was great, and I've always wanted to see that sucking cock. " " That's interesting, "he said, " because I've always wondered what s you want your dick to suck. I remember that night when we were camping? You and I were in our boxers, for some reason - I think that is just stupid or something. We were joking around and began to fight. We were both instrumental in the abuse of others when we feel two hard cocks against each other, "finished is s:" Yes, we've seen each other and thought that if n let go, I'm not sure what will happen, so he spent with you. Yes, they both laughed, but I was willing to try and then, n something with you. " " We thought it was one reason why I think... But what we do now? I must tell you, I said hesitantly, which I enjoyed very much, that his penis in my mouth. It felt good and almost natUrals to suck. I words, I felt that way with men, but was easy to do that at his side. It as with any other sport or something, but it is n how they were an extension of me. " " Yes, and I liked it too. They were great. But how are we going to to avoid. He is married and I'm getting married..... " I went and put my hand on her stomach, only to have my fingers were in of his pubic hair in the waistband of his shorts. He stood with his hands behind the head. "All I can suggest what I do is this. I am happily married, and it seems that you too. We've known for a long time, as in all marriages, it s old problems. You can always for each other. And sex Lo... well, but it is a priority in our relationship, it could work. I 've noticed something. I love sucking cock. do I feel you closer than ever, and once the mine reaches the suction, which will be n be the same. there are someWhat can we keep to ourselves, and we know that Preteen Nn Model that takes what we do if we really want a blowjob from one can not our wives, or if you want to come over. I never expected of you, , but when it happens there. " " My problem is that I like - many things you probably always want to suck. me. I mean, this is not the only reason - only he over again.... But I know what you mean. I felt very good and very natural. always want to suck. Maybe we'll both have happy marriages as long as we were very close to each other. " " Well, I know very well what I do now.. I'll take a its offer... You and I can do, whenever you want. There was " With these words I pushed a the bed and spread her legs and got into the middle. not spilled into the ski, and smelled rich, won my ​​nose, while walking in their path. This time I wanted to try his balls, not what I had last time, leaned lfor example, a little for me better access to his bag and reached down and pulled his own cock and balls of leg shorts. " How do you know how the kids," he said. " Definitely a different flavor than the last time, but Steve, who is so hot that it in a position between the legs below my best friend, I go with him ! " you are without doubt the best man, " he said. 'm going to watch TV while suck if you do not mind. seems to want to be there for a while. " was right. I stayed there for almost an hour sucks. This time, not afraid to be caught, and could only enjoy the taste. " It may well, if you want to drive, we are a 69 and over this. o debt No more. " "No problem, I said. " He wrapped himself astride me, unbuckled his belt and I started my pants ripped. I saw his enormous tail, jumping against my feet as he pulled on my jeans and underwear.... Then slid from his boxers and slowly own my body, and plansced the huge cock n to mine. We have seen, and it was like two old friends new meeting for the first time. It felt so damn good, I do I could not believe. Then he turned and struck the tail and nuts in the face, as he grabbed me and started working. It was so hot with his thick and hard nuts just rest on my face. I was in heaven, but also wanted see how he did not. He grabbed my ass and pulled him to one side, and then we could both see each others work cock. We smiled at each other, just changed to the other, licking and playing suck hard copies.... and then it was time. We started the pump and pull our tails and within minutes we were both spitting in each other's mouths. We s have been issued, but ecstatic. We set the television to say anything, but a little pat taps, sometimes sucking for a minute or two, and so continued for an hour other more or less. Suddenly, the sound of a key in the door shut, and then. Steve is cousine were returned. were both naked from the waist down, but Steve did not care. Quickly, I I got the pants again. He opened the door. "What the hell happened? " " Well, that 's what happened, we -.. No, we're hot as hell, , and listed 'll take a cold shower " "You take a shower if you wish, I would suggest, while in the shower. ". all had to laugh a little, but left the two boys together and went into the bathroom. Once there, she s big cock and smooth in about Steve made ​​me mad. I looked. He said: " You really know how to suck you do not like as a quickie. " I gave him a quick blowjob Steve, it was amazing. Preteen Nn Model He rose and puts his penis in front of me right in my mouth and started to fuck like crazy with bouncing balls against my chin. It was fast and hard. that literally fucking my face as I sat on the edge of the bed, and this time, , was as his cock was in my throat. I lay on the bed to know satisfaction, I returned to my best friend sucked. that s all took about 2 minutes. Steve ran to the other bed, and I where I was, enjoying the seed in my throat and mouth. minutes later, his cousin left the bathroom - naked - both smiling and not say anything. "Well, the two moved away," he said. " Good for you," he said. " Much better than a cold shower every day. " All we chatted a bit, but then went to bed, Steve and I in an n, and the cousins ​​on the other. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up of what I thought was a dream, but actually it was fun to suck Steve my ​​cock. He said he loved all the hair that was there and wanted to Preteen Nn Model pay me. I have nothing against him, and put the quilt of my neck, while sucked and licked. I went back to sleep... I do not know how long he was there, , but when I woke in the morning, I was in the shower. I felt totally satisfied. If Steve left the shower,approached the bed, his back to the other bed and said, " This man is not that big of a workout in the old, who thanks you, and thank you.. " n " was the pleasure is mine, he said. How far last night, by the way, " I request. " I was sucking you and all night.... it was great - but have not cum that come later.. " Another day on the slopes, drinking and eat. We could not do anything the night but the next morning, when his cousins ​​a morning of skiing left, went crazy about each other. This time I dove into it, and saw our hairy penises in everything we have grown pubic hair. We took each one dry else and felt amazing. We pushed and pushed and pushed another together, we suggested that, so queues were to touch it, and that began to sprout, the delicious white cream. If both ready, we press hard together, sliding our cocks in each run others. So he went down on me and licked it up. When he stood GEta glass of water, I enjoyed watching that thick piece of rock back n in. I admit I've always liked to see the tails of smooth maneuver around, and now, had a huge, I could see, every time I wanted. We decided it was time to go skiing, and got our gear together. is another great day on the slopes and after 5 hours there, we were exhausted decided to find the hot tub and sauna. Back in the room, turned into our costumes, and we went... only to discover, cousins ​​, Steve, and about 20 people sitting there. Too full for me, I in a few minutes and went into the sauna. This place had kids girls and saunas, so that was good to let slip out a towel, and put the whole body heat. I was there for about 5 minutes when the door opened , and 5 men came in, so I got up and left him a step in a nice long shower. When I got back, I found a lot of noise n in the room. When I got there, was pACK crowded in our the space in the room next door - friends from school and sports. I think it cousin decided that the invitation to him with about 30 guys by surprise Night to his "very angry". I realized that I was really angry away, but what could I do. Then came the back of Steve too familiar. However, Now, I knew him better, and he stood in the fun. Well, had fun, and I'm glad Brad invited there. because was pretty funny shit happens, and, of course - plenty of beer and alcohol. Poor Steve, crashed at all, and I Preteen Nn Model was not very far. I do not know how long we were eating and drinking, but when I woke up to the In the morning there were four kids in bed, and 3 s on the other hand, with a a few on the ground. Instead of all the shower, we all went to the hot tub, left the clothes and jumped in better than a bath and s a lot more fun. We had a huge breakfast and goodbye to everyone. in threeHours would the other guests, and we had to change rooms. We have ensured our newly appointed guest rooms were nice, and everything was fine. Steve and I sat outside and drank coffee for most 3 hours slowly trying to recover from the events of the night. I think the guys that won the poker game was Steve all his benefits to help pay for room - he valued highly. went to my room and sat on the bed. He looked at me and smiled. This was an amazing 3 days. I feel like you're my brother, , and I count you as part of the family. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. " All I can do for you? " I asked. " Well, maybe one thing. " We will be busy today and tomorrow, and then you probably will not see you for a while. I think I might have an idea.... "", while that with you, your wish is my command oh groom-to- be " He lay on the bed, spread his legs, and lifted her legs and said ---. " This is difficult for. It is a pleasure, " His cock was still soft and I knew a little of the hot tub with bleach I held his penis and licked the head for a moment, watching then n in the ass Grab jaws -.. came and put it in my face. While massaging her cheeks, I jumped on the whole club, so every minute or so, pay attention to his balls. Preteen Nn Model the two began ringing a the song Lollipop, while he took my face in the rhythm. he loved it and I was loving it. We decided that s hum any time one or the other initiated the song, which would our signal for a blowjob imminent. that stretched his legs to rest on my body. I put my bud in the sky and I was crazy. suddenly, he took his cock in my mouth and shot him in I licked my face.... a little, but he wanted to shoot to me. in fact, I liked watching his cum eruption of the slot. he has took his cock and massage of the whole semen my face. I was there for some minutes with my cheek rests on his penis, and stroked my hair. I looked at my watch. We were there for an hour, and who knows when people start to arrive. I stopped him and told him to needed a shower. I went in and was very easy and fast. While I was naked razor in the sink, Steve came in and stood behind me. I grabbed and hugged me, while the huge tail, white of his integrated into the crack of my white ass hairy. "You are my brother. " Yes, we were at a new beginning!
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